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    • CommentAuthorinfohquan
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2014
    Hello everyone, I have a problem during calibrate for a reach that has a new reservoir (build 2014). However, we have no data for this resevoir yet, before construct the reservoir, there is available observed discharge in this station of the period 1986-1987. The data is too old already, seem not able to uses it anymore. How can I calibrate for this resevoir, when the reservoir is operated on April 30, 2014 without data yet?
    Hello, several times I had the the same situations before. Can you tell me more about the "reach" and the "discharge" you're talking about? please.
    Usually, I do the same calculations for the new or pre-existed environmental hydrological proyects. But the big difference are the conclusions.
    I'm Luis Antonio, Mexican, 42. Nice to meet you!