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    • CommentAuthorJwaaters
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2010
    1D consolidation settlement calculation is online and free.

    * stresses computed from the Boussinesq equations
    * multiple loading areas
    * 1D oedemeter parameters including
    * compression index Cc,
    * recompression index Cr, and
    * overconsolidation pressure
    * normally- and over-consolidated soils
    * multiple soil layers

    Visit the "Geotechnical Calculation Library" under

    Geotechnical calculation library is created to provide geotechnical engineers easily accessible and reliable solutions to some of the most common geotechnical problems including

    * 1D consolidation settlement calculation
    * static soil pressure coefficients using Coulomb's equations
    * dynamic soil pressures on retaining walls using the Mononobe-Okabe equation

    Note: In order to get to the calculation page successfully, you need to go through the HOME page and accept the "GEO-COMPUTING LIBRARY: Limitation of Liability for ALL Applications under Geo-computing Library", using UserName=gwu & Password=gwu

    (2) Mononobe-Okabe equation online for free [News Letter of December 2009] It only takes a minute to get an answer, quick and reliable from 2005-2010

    (3). Seismic Response Analysis of Class F Site using VERSAT-1D
    Please refer this PowerPoint file for more details:

    Email us if you encounter any problems.

    Rebecca Jiang

    Marketing Manager, Wutec Geotechnical International
    BC, Canada