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    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2010 edited
    Advanced aquifer test software for solving analytical and numerical problems by direct and inverse methods.

    ANSDIMAT software system is designed for aquifer test data analysis and estimation by analytical and graphic analytical methods using practically all calculation schemes applied in hydrological practice.

    ANSDIMAT software comprises both steady- and unsteady state analytical solution for confined, unconfined, heterogeneous aquifers, as well as leaky and multi-layer (stratified) aquifer systems. Solutions for profile anisotropic aquifers are included. For leaky aquifer system solutions for drawdown not only in the main aquifer but also in adjacent aquifers and aquitards are considered.. Allowance is made for full or partial penetration of both pumping and observation wells. Additionally, storage capacity and skin effect of pumping and observation well is taken into account.
    Besides, solutions for slug tests and constant-drawdown tests in various conditions are considered.

    Most schemes take into account the role of plan or profile boundaries. Under consideration are tests with both one and several withdrawal wells. Random time-variation of rate in each pumping well is accounted for. Data analysis may be based on drawdown period and on recovery period as well. Additionally integrated in the program is special numerical code for axis-symmetrical flow analysis and program for solving inverse problems.
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    Dear colleags, what do you think about this soft?
    Have you ever used this program?