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    • CommentAuthorJwaaters
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2011
    The National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON, Inc.) is a nonprofit science corporation dedicated
    to understanding how changes in climate, land use and invasive species impact ecology. For the next
    three decades NEON will collect a comprehensive range of ecological data on a continental scale
    across 20 eco-climatic domains representing US ecosystems. NEON will use cutting edge technology
    including an airborne observation that will capture images of regional landscapes and vegetation;
    mobile, relocatable, and fixed data collection sites with automated ground sensors to monitor soil and
    atmosphere; and trained field crews who will observe and sample populations of diverse organisms
    and collect soil and water data. A leading edge cyberinfrastructure will calibrate, store and publish this
    information. The Observatory will be the first of its kind designed to detect and enable forecasting of
    ecological change at continental scales.

    The Hydrologist/Geomorphologist will be part of an Aquatic Team that is responsible for developing a
    national program to assess physical, chemical, and biological changes in streams and lakes over 30 years.
    The Team will define measurements, document field and lab methods, train personnel, and perform
    QA/QC in order to produce high quality data products for the research, education, and decision making

    Specifically, the Hydrologist/Geomorphologist is responsible for development, documentation
    and implementation of detailed sampling designs and analytical protocols for the hydrologic and
    geomorphologic data products; including stream discharge dynamics, stream morphology, lake
    bathymetry, groundwater chemistry, and data from in-situ sensors. This position will co-develop
    sampling designs for stream reaeration and groundwater chemistry, in conjunction with other Aquatic
    scientists. This position will collaborate with the NEON Computing Team and GIS technicians to define
    and document field methods for sub-meter resolution morphology/bathymetry maps. The position will
    also entail working with the Engineering Team to co-define and document in-situ sensor installation
    design and maintenance plans. The Hydrologist will work with an interdisciplinary team of ecologists,
    engineers, and other scientists to design, develop, test, and implement statistically valid protocols to
    produce data products that will enable researchers to investigate the impact of climate change, land-use
    change, invasive species, and unsustainable water use on freshwater ecosystems of North America.

    The Hydrologist/Geomorphologist is expected to produce reports and publications of NEON procedures
    and protocols and is encouraged to collaborate with the research community to investigate continental
    scale ecology.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Develop and document data collection procedures for hydrologic data products in freshwater
    streams and lakes and in groundwater wells.
    • Develop and document data collection procedures for stream geomorphology and lake bathymetry
    • Co-develop and document site-specific installation designs and maintenance procedures for in-situ sensors.
    • Co-develop subsurface well designs; collaborate with contractors to construct groundwater wells.
    • Co-develop detailed sampling designs for stream reaeration and groundwater chemistry.
    • Development and implementation of data QA/QC plan.
    • Develop training program for field crews.
    • Document the scientific rationale for hydrologic and geomorphologic measurements and methods.
    • Collaborate with NEON engineers and scientists to define audit sampling procedures.
    • Participate in the larger NEON science community, including participating in independent research
    and collaborations and attending meetings/conferences.
    • PhD in hydrology, geomorphology or related field. Specialization in hydrology and geomorphology of freshwater streams and lakes, or related field with emphasis on biological-chemical-physical linkages of stream and lake ecosystems.

    Apply to

    Review of applications will begin 1 December 2010.

    NEON Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women, Minorities, Veterans and Disabled Persons are
    encouraged to apply.